Abortion, thinking continuously!

Before conception 0

The Moment of conception 0.1

Multi-cellular blastocyst 0.2

One month embryo 0.3

Two month fetus 0.4

And so on until birth, when the fetus becomes a 1.00 human.

Since abortions are almost never performed after the second trimester, it is reasonable and rational to provisionally conclude that abortion is not the murder of a conscious sentient being after birth. Thus there is no scientific justification or rational argument to equate abortion with murder.

Neither an egg nor a sperm cell is a human being, but neither is the zygote(single cell) or a blastocyst(a few dozen cells)

Eight-week-old embryo’s neuronal synaptic connections are still under development.

Between eight and twenty-four weeks the fetus could not exist on its own, no lung development.

Along this continuum we see that the fetus’s capacity for human thought does not appear until weeks before it’s birth.

PRO-CHOICE and ANTI-CHOICE are both pro-life.

Childbirth is 14 TIMES more dangerous to a woman than an abortion.