Symphony No. 2 "Neshannock"


The Symphony has four movements, each describes a scene in the Neshannock Valley of Western Pennsylvania, where the composer has fly-fished for many years.

Neshannock Falls is an area on the stream that boasts a small cataract, flowing with great haste into several pools of attractive holds for brown trout.

Volant is a small hamlet of various shops and inns, through which the Neshannock Creek flows. An attractive magnet for tourists, Volant sits astride Route 208 and is constructed on an uphill grade.

The Old Covered Bridge is located downstream of Volant and makes up one of the boundaries of the fishing area on the stream.

The Brown Trout is a musical homage to the elusive quarry that the composer seeks each time he is present on the beautiful waterway known as Neshannock Creek.