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The Charitable-Industrial Complex

Why is America living in an era of deep and encroaching economic inequality? Why do millionaire candidates and donors dominate our elections? Why is even a dribble of attention not allowed to address climate change? Make no mistake. The oligarchs (Koch Brothers, the Scaifes, the Olins, the Bradleys, the DeVos’ ,Mercers, Waltons, Schwabs and Wilks) are in charge of the U.S. government. The views of most Americans (75 percent of whom are against the tax cut for example) no longer matter. These political philanthropists defined them selves as self-less patriots, motivated by public, not private, gain. Whether their motives were virtuous or not, in the course of a few decades a handful of eno

Taxes for the wealthy

This tax bill is a moral and economic obscenity. It is a gift to wealthy Republican campaign contributors and an insult to the working families of our country. At a time of massive income and wealth inequality this bill would provide the majority of benefits to the top 1 percent and the largest corporations. Unbelievably, at the end of 10 years it would actually raise taxes on millions of middle-class families and, by creating a $1.4 trillion deficit, would pave the way for massive cuts to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and other important programs. No member of Congress should vote for this disastrous legislation.

Letter sent ar Xmas 2017

The year 2017 is almost ended, and it has been memorable for us all. As the year comes to a close, we reflect and share our activities in an attempt to keep our friends up to date. Our five children and their remarkable families definitely consume most of thoughts and energy, however we are still able to enjoy concerts, make music, and travel. Claudette continues to be busy with her private piano/voice studio. Her free time is taken up with cooking, gardening and grand children. Jim has begun his 52nd year with the Butler Symphony and his 32nd year with the Musicians Concert Band. We both enjoy the PSO concerts, local plays/shows and Netflix on a regular basis. Travel in 2017 included Hilton

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