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Private Depends on Public

I was so relieved to learn via the 7/10/2017 news item in the Butler Eagle that the most serious problems facing America today, according to Rep. Mike Kelly, are “tax relief” and “education reform”. There was no mention of “global warming” or “health care”, which I found curious. Global warming is the greatest moral issue facing our generation. The earth is warming dangerously and quickly, and that warming is methodically causing climate calamities, including extreme cold. Yet our representatives are mute on the dangers that are present now. They not only fail to address this major danger to our planet, but they call it something else, “climate change”. Why not call it what it is, global war

Make America Great Again? Come On!

America has always been “great.” Recently our citizens are facing a radical conservative ideology with a very strong dose of authoritarianism that is saying that we need to be “great again”. What does that mean, “great again”? Does it mean we were not great during the American Revolution, when the progressive ideals of freedom and liberty were being expounded by Washington and Jefferson? Perhaps our country was “not great” when Fredrick Douglas and Harriet Tubman insisted that our “original sin”, slavery be abolished demanding tolerance or when Susan B Anthony sought to expand voting rights for women struggling for equality? I’ll bet the phrase refers to the time when The Reverend Martin

Can There Be Great Composers Anymore?

In each nation of importance for Western music during the first half of the twentieth century, there thrived a handful of potentially "great" composers: authentic candidates for recognized greatness in fine art music. In England, Ralph Vaughn-Williams, Benjamin Britten, Gustav Holst, and William Walton loomed large. In France, Marice Ravel was still composing, while the "French Six" arose, among them Francis Poulenc, Arthur Honegger, and Darius Milhaud, with Eric Satie as their mentor. Igor Stravinsky was an expatriate in Paris. Precommunist Russia had produced Sergei Rachmaninoff, who was then active in Europe and America, and under communism Dmitri Shostakovich and Sergey Prokofiev were at

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